Statement from Sierra Club BC on NASA data showing unprecedented increase of global temperatures



VICTORIA—In response to new NASA data showing global temperatures are rising faster than measured ever before, Sierra Club BC released the following statement from climate and energy campaigner, Larissa Stendie:

“The data from NASA shows an alarming acceleration of global temperature increase. We are in a state of climate emergency and our governments need to act even more rapidly than previously thought. If our governments goes ahead with just a fraction of the proposed fossil fuel projects we will be contributing in a major way to pushing global temperatures into uncharted, very dangerous territory.

“The B.C. government needs to halt all climate damaging projects until a scientifically rigorous climate test is implemented in environmental assessments. A climate test would ensure that new infrastructure projects would only be approved if they allow us to hit our climate targets, thus helping us move investments towards a post-carbon economy.

“While the B.C. government is currently accepting public input into a new climate action plan, they continue to push an LNG program that is incompatible with the climate emergency we face.”


The NASA data can be found HERE


Larissa Stendie

Climate and Energy Campaigner

Sierra Club BC

(250) 891-8245