Statement from Sierra Club BC on B.C.’s Climate Leadership Team Recommendations

Sierra Club BC released the following statement from campaigns director Caitlyn Vernon in response to the release of recommendations from the Climate Leadership Team:

“It is a sad day for British Columbia when failing to meet legislated targets is what passes for climate leadership.

While there are some steps in the right direction here, the recommendations do not come close to what is needed to give us any chance of keeping global warming within 2⁰C.

Increasing and expanding the carbon tax are good moves, but to delay them three and six years respectively is unacceptable.

Considering climate impacts in environmental assessments is a necessary and welcome step. What’s needed is a robust climate test that considers the upstream and downstream climate impacts.

However, overall, it’s not possible to reconcile climate leadership with promotion of oil and gas. Going in opposite directions at the same time will get us nowhere.

Clearly, this process was set up to “protect emissions-intensive, trade exposed sectors”—in other words, to shield the LNG industry from any negative consequences of climate action. Now we see climate action delayed to suit the needs of the LNG industry. It’s appalling and unconscionable.

Sierra Club BC calls on all British Columbians to use the January consultation period to tell Premier Clark and her government that it can and must do much, much better than this.

To address the climate impacts already affecting B.C.’s economy and environment, we need courageous and comprehensive mechanisms to enable us to meet our 2020 targets and go farther.”


In a recent report, The Future is Here, Sierra Club BC outlines ten steps measures needed to stabilize the climate, defend nature and rapidly transition to a post-carbon economy.


Tim Pearson

Director of Communications