Sierra Club BC supports the ban on the trophy hunting of grizzly bears


August 15, 2017

Sierra Club BC released the following statement from campaigns director Caitlyn Vernon in response the government’s ban on the trophy hunting of grizzly bears:

“Sierra Club BC supports the provincial government’s ban on the trophy hunting of grizzly bears and all grizzly bear hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest, where this brings provincial policy in line with Indigenous law.

“Killing bears for sport is wasteful, opposed by an overwhelming large majority of British Columbians, and bad for our economy. These bears are worth more to our economy alive than dead.

“This announcement is also a welcome first step towards a more science-based approach to wildlife and conservation management. We welcome the consultations the government will undertake on a renewed wildlife management strategy.

“Our expectation is that the government will ensure, in implementing the ban, loopholes cannot be exploited by unscrupulous hunters. We expect to see rigorous compliance and enforcement measures put in place.

“Grizzly bear management, like that of many species and ecosystems, requires large landscape-scale conservation and the incorporation of Indigenous approaches.

“Whether in the Peace Valley, the Flathead or the Great Bear, hunting Grizzly bears has an adverse on ecosystems and wildlife dynamics in the landscape. Bears represent more than one animal, they support and are supported by entire ecological systems that need to be defended against human exploitation.”


Caitlyn Vernon
Director of Campaigns
Sierra Club BC
C: (250) 896-3500