Sierra Club BC response to US election results

A message from Executive Director Bob Peart

November 9. 2016


The sun rose today, as it always does, but we woke up to a profoundly changed world.

I can feel that change in my heavy heart. I feel it as sadness, as fear, as uncertainty, and often as anger.

A Trump presidency casts a frightening shadow over women, First Nations, people of colour, immigrants, the LGBTQ community and those whose faith sets them apart. It casts a shadow over Canada and generations to come.

We must all take care of ourselves and our family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. We must grieve for what has been lost and for what is to come. We will all do this in our own ways. For me, getting out into nature always helps.

It will take time. But we cannot grieve for long.

We need to respond to this changed world.

Trump will be the only head of state in the entire world who denies that human activity is causing climate change. He wants to abandon the Paris agreement. He will open the door to the Keystone XL pipeline getting built.

Our path to a post carbon world, in which humans and the natural world can prosper together, has undoubtedly become harder. But we must double down on our resolve to forge that path.

Our national and provincial governments will be challenged by the reality of a Trump presidency. They may be tempted to believe they can get away with more, because they’ll still look good compared to Trump.

That can’t be allowed to happen. Trump’s presidency cannot be license to backslide. We need to make sure our governments respond in ways that are good for nature, good for our climate, and good for our collective future.

We need to keep their feet to the fire. Now more than ever.

We will need to strengthen the coalitions in which we work. We will need to strengthen the bonds that we forge with our friends and allies. We will need to work with and stand up for those who are most threatened by this new reality.

Sierra Club BC has made a profound impact on B.C. over its 47 years. We have seen presidents, prime ministers and premiers come and go. There have been huge victories, such as the Great Bear Rainforest, and there have been setbacks and darker times.

But know this: if we work hard and work smart, we can be successful in defending nature. We can be successful in stabilizing the climate. And we can be successful in transitioning to a prosperous post-carbon world.

So yes, let us take some time to mourn and to look after each other. But then let’s organize, and let’s grow the grassroots power and solidarity that we need for this fight.

To be strong and resilient in the face of daunting challenges, now—more than ever—we need your support. Our world has been profoundly changed. And I know we are up to the task of responding.

Please make a donation today to help us act.

Thank you.

Bob Peart, Executive Director

Sierra Club BC