Explore the Great Bear Rainforest and help protect BC’s wild places!

Take the sailing trip of a lifetime through the spectacular Great Bear Rainforest and Sea!

Explore the outer islands with Sierra Club BC Forest and Climate Campaigner Jens Wieting and learn about the spectacular rainforest and the story of the Great Bear Agreements.

This area is home to spectacular wildlife including whales and dolphins, bears and wolves, sea lions and sea otters. This 9-day expedition aboard Outer Shores Expeditions‘ classic schooner, the Passing Cloud, gives us the chance to explore this beautiful ecosystem and learn how it depends so critically on wild Pacific salmon.

Partial proceeds of this Outer Shores Expeditions trip go toward Sierra Club BC’s work monitoring the implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement to protect B.C.’s forests, watersheds, and at-risk species.

When: May 30—June 6

Where: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest and Sea (Southern region)

Price (per/person): $4995 + 5%GST

Sea otter

Tour the boat

Onboard expert

Sierra Club BC Forests & Climate Campaigner Jens Wieting

Outer Shores Expeditions

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Farewell, and not goodbye: Bob Peart

As many of you know, by the time you read this note I will no longer be Executive Director. I will remain involved in the conservation movement as long as I am able – putting my energy toward defending nature, moving off a carbon-based economy and reminding people that their health is directly linked to a healthy environment. I thank you for your confidence in Sierra Club BC, and please continue to support the good work we do.
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Victory: We stopped Enbridge for good!

After years of tireless, selfless struggle—organizing, marching, petitioning, writing submissions and speaking at NEB hearings, getting spied on by our own government’s security apparatus, raising funds for First Nations legal challenges, you name it—we finally got what we were so passionately demanding: the cancellation of Enbridge.
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Sierra Club BC statement on BC Opposition proposal to ban trophy hunting of grizzly bears

Sierra Club BC supports ending the trophy hunting of grizzly bears. We recognize and respect the ban on trophy hunting of grizzly bears that First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest have already implemented in their territories.
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Bella Bella Disaster a Reminder of the Need for a Strong Tanker Ban

The recent sinking of the Nathan E. Stewart tug near Bella Bella in the Great Bear Rainforest has underscored the urgency of a permanent, legislated oil tanker ban.