Final election results offer huge environmental and economic opportunity


May 24, 2017

Victoria, B.C.—Sierra Club BC released the following statement from communications director Tim Pearson in response to the final results of the British Columbia election:

“The final election results have confirmed that British Columbia will have some form of minority government, one that will need to cooperate in the best interests of British Columbians.

“This presents an historic opportunity for progress on key environmental and economic challenges.

Sierra Club BC urges all MLAs-elect not to squander this opportunity and in particular we urge Green party MLAs to put the environment first as they consider their options moving forward. This is a unique moment in which Green MLAs can put their values into action and deliver on their promises to voters.

“By rejecting fossil fuel expansion, a new government can begin to chart a long-overdue course toward a post-carbon economy.

“We know that for every dollar invested, climate-friendly renewable energy sources create more jobs than fossil fuels. We know this is absolutely critical in addressing the massive threat of climate change. And we don’t have to wait for the technology: it’s here, now, and all we have to do is summon the will to embrace it.

“A new government must show leadership in charting a new course that will reduce emissions and bring thousands of family-supporting jobs and energy security to British Columbia.

“Kinder Morgan must be stopped. A clear majority of British Columbians voted for candidates opposed to this disaster-in-waiting. A new government needs to put this dangerous pipeline and tanker proposal out of its misery.

“The Site C dam must be consigned to the white elephant graveyard. There are cheaper, cleaner sources of power, it will inflict pain on household budgets for generations to come, it tramples on treaty rights, and it is an environmental disaster. Any new government must have the courage to cancel it.”


Tim Pearson
Director of Communications, Sierra Club BC