My Experience Volunteering with Sierra Club BC

By Jody Holmes

Jody Holmes

I really enjoyed the time I spent volunteering with Kirsten in elementary classes in my hometown of Prince George. It was great to see an experienced environmental educator in action. Kirsten was very good at keeping students engaged during her presentations, and the classes were very interactive. I was happy to help the students with questions they had during the class activities, and it was great to get outside with the classes for the scavenger hunts and other activities. I really enjoyed seeing so much excitement from the students during the outdoor games. It was a pleasure for me to answer questions the students asked about the things they discovered in the natural environment. Kirsten delivered great indoor and outdoor components, and she did a great job of explaining the importance of biodiversity, and describing the threats of over-consumption.

I especially liked the activity in which Kirsten laid out a tarp and asked the students to stand on it. Kirsten then proceeded to fold up portions of the tarp to signify habitat loss resulting from industrial activities. This exercise showed how the carrying capacity of ecosystems and the Earth itself is limited. If humans continue to degrade the environment, there will be less and less habitable land for the continuously increasing populations of humans. We also must share the habitable land with the many plants and animals we depend on for our survival. This activity provided a clear explanation about why humans must find a way to live more harmoniously with the natural environment. We must protect the environment in order to preserve humanity and all of the other inhabitants on planet Earth.

I really appreciated having the opportunity to help Kirsten with some of her presentations. It was a great learning experience for me and I was very fortunate to interact with the many bright students. It was also great to meet the many welcoming teachers who were excited to have Kirsten come to their classes. I believe this experience will help me in my efforts to develop and deliver environmental education presentations of my own. I am currently developing a Sustainability Education program as a major component of my non-profit organization named Connecting Communities. Connecting Communities has been established to educate youth and the public about the importance of sustainable development, and to encourage people to contribute to improving their communities by participating in local projects.

Thanks Kirsten and Lisa from Sierra Club BC! The experience was a great pleasure!

Jody Holmes is an environmental educator in Prince George, B.C. He recently started Connecting Communities, a non-profit organization committed to creating positive change in communities across the globe.

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