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Mya Van Woudenberg

For Formal and Non-formal Educators

Activities and worksheets (in alphabetical order)

A day without Energy (Grades 4-7)
Activité de contemplation de la nature
Addressing the Fears of Teaching Environmental Education in the Classroom
Barefoot Mapping (Grades 8-12)
Beach visualization activity
Bird journal
Book recommendations
Coastal temperate rainforest exploration package
Coastal temperate rainforest visualization activity
Create an intertidal zone poster
Earth Day and Groceries (all ages)
Earth day colouring sheet
Ecoprovinces workbook
Fall leaf rubbing
Frog (WEXES): Change is afoot
Going Global lesson plans and activities (Grades 8-12)
Greenland shark: A rare visitor
Guide to a waste-less holiday season
Inviting hummingbird (k̕wa̱’ak̕wa̱mt̕a, SX̱EDJELI) to return
Little brown bat (SꞭƏL̕P̕ƏL̕ÉX̣ƏN/BAḴ̓WA̱LAWI) resource
Make your own recycled notebook
Marbled murrelet (SḰEḰOḰEȾ) worksheet
Mother tree worksheet
Mutualism: A moment to pause
Octopus (TA̱ K̕WA, SḴI,MEQ) thinking
Old-growth forest exploration guide
Pacific lamprey (ts’elkiy’)
Réseau vital: Web of Life Game Cards in French (instructions are in English)
Salmon lifecycles
Sit spot activity
The Outdoor Classroom
Vocabulaire de la foret pluviale (6-8)
Watershed Stewardship lesson plans and activities (Grades 10-12)
Watershed Worries lesson plans and activities (Grades 8-12)
Web of Life Game Cards – French version (instructions are in English)
Web of Life Game Cards (all ages)
Winter (ĆENT̸OL̵EṈ) solstice: A journey back to the light (2022)
Welcoming the winter (ĆENT̸OL̵EṈ) solstice (2021)
Winter solstice (2020)

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Recent Updates

Educational Packet: Frog (WEXES)

Check out this educational curriculum to learn about a being that transforms and has a big voice – frog! This rich resource blends both Indigenous and Western thinking.

Educational Packet: Winter (ĆENT̸OL̵EṈ) solstice

Explore the many connections of ĆENT̸OL̵EṈ with our newest education curriculum! This rich resource blends both Indigenous and Western thinking, and is informed by some of the perspectives from SENĆOŦEN & Kwak̓wala speaking peoples