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2016-17 Going Wild! Programs

Welcome and thank you for your interest in working together to get outside, go wild, and be well!

We offer a variety of environmental education programs and initiatives directly in your community – in your classroom, school yard, homeschool neighbourhood, or a local outdoor space.  Our programs include:

Going Wild!: Nature and Play (Kindergarten): Our Kindergarten program offers young children the chance to explore local environments by engaging students directly in outdoor, sensory-based play, nature discovery activities and storytelling about and in the natural world.

Going Wild!: Lifecycles and Ecosystems (Grades 1-2): Students learn about British Columbia’s species and ecosystems, discover the connective web of human relationships with these species and ecosystems, and learn how to best care for their local natural environment.

Going Wild!: People and Plants (Grades 3-5): These workshops were developed in partnership with Coastal First Nations and Royal Roads University for teachers and learners to (re)connect children with their environmental and local First Nations cultures, and to educate on potential development in rural regions.  Since 2012, we continue to deliver local adaptations of these workshops for Grades 3-5, to engage both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students in exploring local wild plants and their traditional uses.

Going Wild!: Climate and Place (Grades 6-8):  These workshops are based on Sierra Club B.C.’s climate change toolkit, created from our guiding vision document The Future is HERE, and give students in Grades 6-8 the opportunity to think critically about local climate change impacts, and create action-based commitments to post-carbon solutions in an age of reconciliation.

Homeschooling Workshops: We provide all of the workshops listed above in adapted form for groups of homeschooled children and their parents/caregivers throughout the school year.

Community Environmental Outreach Activities: We participate in small and medium scale community environmental celebrations and outreach opportunities by leading community land, air, and water stewardship activities that deepen the connection between people and their local environment.  If you are interested in our presence at your school or community special event, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to work together.

Teacher/Educator/Community Leader Workshops:  COMING SOON!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to be in touch with James Davis, our Education Program Manager at

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Take your adventures outside this Spring Break!

Looking to get the kids outdoors and into nature over the spring break? Interested in joining a group of like-minded kids and families? Check out my recommendations for keeping nature-connected and learning something new this spring break.
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Soil – Really Important Tiny Lives

At the Compost Education Centre, we "grow soil." We grow nutrient dense healthy foods, and have biodiverse gardens, and that’s because we are concerned with the life that is within our soil. Soil is an extremely important part of the food system. And it’s often a forgotten piece of the puzzle.
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“10 years back, 10 years forward”: Children, families and nature

The Kesho Trust, Sierra Club of BC and Royal Roads University are hosting a ten-year anniversary meeting with Richard Louv to look at critical initiatives related to getting children and families outside to experience and enjoy the many benefits of connecting with nature.
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My favourite environmental children's books

One of my favorite things to do with a class is to read them a story. I use stories as a way to introduce myself and to share an important key message about nature and our connection as people to nature. Stories enable children to get hooked and become engaged in a program.