Paddle for the Peace, photo by PVEA

ECOSYSTEM 101:   A little Peace of my heart

The Peace River Valley is a very special place. It stole my heart when I traveled there for my Master’s research, and then again, the following summer when I attended the Paddle for the Peace. The landscape, waterways and the big prairie sky compelled me, as did the people I met there—the teachers, students, and other community members who allowed me to hear and share in their stories of the river valley.

I’m certainly not alone in this. In a recent photo-journal about her trip to the region, Heidi Gartner, a Collections Manager at the Royal BC Museum, explains that, “the best part of the bioblitz was that we were joined, supported, and guided by local naturalists, land owners and First Nations.”

She traveled there last summer as part of a “bioblitz”, which is an event where researchers and other local residents come together to identify as many species of flora and fauna as possible.

In this case, the bioblitz was especially significant given the threat of the proposed Site C Dam. The area that would be flooded is known to be an important hub for biodiversity, but just what and how many different species rely on the valley had never been examined in this way before.

Check out Heidi’s photo-journal of the bioblitz for the whole story.

Do a bioblitz with your class!

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