vaccinium membranaceum
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FUN FACTS: What's in a name?

Did you know that well over 50 languages are spoken in B.C., including over 40 First Nations languages? With that much language diversity, one can guess that something as common as a huckleberry might go by many different names.
Paddle for the Peace, photo by PVEA
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ECOSYSTEM 101:   A little Peace of my heart

The Peace River Valley is a very special place. It stole my heart when I traveled there for my Master's research, and then again, the following summer when I attended the Paddle for the Peace.
Peace River Valley photo by Larry Petersen
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CRAZY FACTS:  Is the grass greener on the other side?

The grass may not be greener on one side of the Peace River Valley than the other, but there is more of it.
Logging Walbran photo by TJ Watt
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Sierra Club BC’s Google Earth Tool Shows Vancouver Island Old-growth in State of Emergency

We have developed a Google Earth file, that shows old-growth coastal rainforest has reached a state of ecological emergency across vast parts of Vancouver Island and B.C.’s South Coast.
Mother Sea Otter with pup by Mike Baird
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All about sea otters

Sea otters are furry little marine mammals from the Mustelidae or weasel family. They have a robust body, with a rounded head and short neck. Their snout is blunt with a small triangular nose and whiskers and their tail is short and flattened to work like a paddle.
Fern spores
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CRAZY FACTS: Does a fern have a heart?

It's not a beating heart, pumping life-sustaining blood, like mine and yours, but it is life sustaining.
ferns on trees
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Ecosystem 101:   The role of ferns

What role do ferns play in B.C.'s ecosystems? Find out from environmental education team.
Licorice Fern Polypodium glycyrrhiza
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Species Story: Licorice Fern

The licorice fern (Polypodium glycyrrhiza) is common on the west coast of North America, from northern California to the coast of Alaska.
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Musings of an Environmental Educator

Growing up, I spent most of my time outside. I loved going for walks, swimming in rivers and lakes, camping, canoeing and sitting around a fire at night. Some of my best times were spent taking my dog for a walk in a big farmers’ field behind our house.