Tips for Taking your Students Outside

By Kim McRory (Originally published in Feb 2014)   “Did…
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Counting our Blessings: Reflections on working in the conservation movement

Earlier this year, Dr. Colin Campbell, Sierra Club BC's Science Advisor of 10 years, retired.
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Road building on Walbran Karst: A Sinking Idea

‘Environmentally responsible’ Teal Jones has proposed to construct logging roads in the Walbran through a landscape characterized by sinkholes, disappearing streams and caves.
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Keeping wilderness connected in the Southern Rockies

The work we're doing to designate a portion of the Flathead as a national park is only one component of a much bigger conservation vision for B.C.'s southern Rockies.
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Road Tripping Carbon-free

YELP graduate Olivia Cavanagh blogs about her car-free road trip down the Oregon and California coast with her best friend.
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What Lies Beneath the Walbran

The Walbran Valley is one of the last remaining intact old growth red cedar forests on southern Vancouver Island. This ecologically diverse area contains impressive stands of coniferous trees that are thousands of years old.

Volunteering for Sierra Club BC

By Sue Andrews I kind-of fell into volunteering for Sierra Club…