Volunteer spotlight: Derrick Leung

Derrick Leung is a volunteer with Sierra Club BC and an international student at the University of Victoria.
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Why Our Children Need to Get Outside and Engage with Nature

Children spend less and less time in contact with the natural world and this is having a huge impact on their health and development.

Working together for British Columbia’s watersheds

British Columbia is entering a new freshwater reality. From consecutive years of droughts and floods, to contaminated drinking water sources and record-breaking low flows in streams and rivers, fresh water issues are top-of-mind in the province.

My Experience Volunteering with Sierra Club BC

I really enjoyed the time I spent volunteering with Sierra Club BC Environmental Educator Kirsten Dallimore. It was great to see an experienced environmental educator in action.
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Giants of the Salish Sea: Humpback whales

Standing at Clover Point and looking out into the Salish Sea, it’s hard to believe there are giants swimming just off in the distance: humpback whales.
Mother Sea Otter with pup by Mike Baird
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All about sea otters

Sea otters are furry little marine mammals from the Mustelidae or weasel family. They have a robust body, with a rounded head and short neck. Their snout is blunt with a small triangular nose and whiskers and their tail is short and flattened to work like a paddle.
Walbran Waterfall
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Walbran Water Knows No Bounds

By Charly Caproff Have you heard about the emerald jewel of…
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Confessions of a Recovering Car Nut

By Gerry Gaydos  (Originally posted Sep. 2014) Hi. My name…

Tips for Taking your Students Outside

By Kim McRory (Originally published in Feb 2014)   “Did…