We have to protect all of the world’s rainforests, not just tropical rainforests

Most of us have heard about how rainforests are in trouble and the rapid rate at which we are losing these spectacular ecosystems, along with the incredible diversity of species that depend on them. Close to home, very few know that the remaining old-growth forest on Vancouver Island is disappearing faster than natural tropical rainforests.

Volunteer spotlight: Derrick Leung

Derrick Leung is a volunteer with Sierra Club BC and an international student at the University of Victoria.

Why Our Children Need to Get Outside and Engage with Nature

Children spend less and less time in contact with the natural world and this is having a huge impact on their health and development.

Have your say in the Environmental Assessment Review

An important opportunity to raise your voice for stronger environmental…

Working together for British Columbia’s watersheds

British Columbia is entering a new freshwater reality. From consecutive years of droughts and floods, to contaminated drinking water sources and record-breaking low flows in streams and rivers, fresh water issues are top-of-mind in the province.

My Experience Volunteering with Sierra Club BC

I really enjoyed the time I spent volunteering with Sierra Club BC Environmental Educator Kirsten Dallimore. It was great to see an experienced environmental educator in action.

Giants of the Salish Sea: Humpback whales

Standing at Clover Point and looking out into the Salish Sea, it’s hard to believe there are giants swimming just off in the distance: humpback whales.
Mother Sea Otter with pup by Mike Baird

All about sea otters

Sea otters are furry little marine mammals from the Mustelidae or weasel family. They have a robust body, with a rounded head and short neck. Their snout is blunt with a small triangular nose and whiskers and their tail is short and flattened to work like a paddle.
Walbran Waterfall

Walbran Water Knows No Bounds

By Charly Caproff Have you heard about the emerald jewel of…

Confessions of a Recovering Car Nut

By Gerry Gaydos  (Originally posted Sep. 2014) Hi. My name…