We did it! Pull Together Raised $600,000!

The Pull Together campaign reached its fundraising goal of $600,000.
Peace River Valley

Beware the Site C Greenwash

Real climate solutions respect human rights, help us get off fossil fuels, and don’t take food production for granted. Site C is not a real climate solution
Future Is Here

Read Our Latest Climate Report: The Future is Here

Sierra Club BC has released The Future Is Here, a road map…

A tanker ban is within reach

Let Prime Minister Trudeau know it’s time for a new approach to pipelines in Canada that takes our coast and climate change seriously. Because it’s 2015.

Keystone XL rejected, next up is Enbridge

Obama has sent a clear message that you can’t be a climate leader and build pipelines, a message that Prime Minister Trudeau cannot ignore.

Hundreds Rally Behind First Nations Against Enbridge

Over 500 people gathered on the steps of the Federal Court of…

Let’s put the environment on the election map

On October 19, Canadians go to the polls. We want to make sure the environment—and in particular climate change—receives the attention it deserves from federal candidates.

New Report Calls for Climate Test

Blind Spot: The Failure to Consider Climate Change in British Columbia’s Environmental Assessments recommends a set of urgently-needed policy changes to ensure proposed projects are assessed on the basis of a scientifically valid climate test.

Dying to stop Kinder Morgan

On Sunday, Aug 16, Galen, Gary, Larissa, Jens and some adventurous…

Learning the wrong pipeline lessons

The similarities are deeply troubling. Last week, a contractor…