Let’s Connect It and Protect It! Completing the World’s First International Peace Park

The Flathead Valley is unmatched in North America for the variety and density of carnivores and its extraordinary diversity of plants and animals. It remains one of the last wild river basins in southern Canada. However, there are no legislated wildlife sanctuaries in the Southern Rockies.

Biodiversity, Climate Change & BC's Flathead Valley

On Wednesday February 24th, Sierra Club BC partnered with the Royal BC Museum to put on a multifaceted event that brought out speakers Troy Sebastian from the Ktunaxa National Council, Dr. Richard Hebda from the Royal BC Museum, and world renowned conservationists Brian Keating.

The Obama-Trudeau Dinner: Putting Conservation on the Menu

On March 10, President Obama will hold a State Dinner at the…

Help us achieve our wishlist

Squeeze and be squeezed. That’s what 2015 felt like. We were put in the vice of a CRA audit. We had to defend ourselves

Sierra Club BC Nominated for Phillips 2015 Benefit Brew: Help Us Win Today!

Sierra Club BC has been nominated for Phillips 2015 Benefit Brew and we need your help to win!

Connectivity and Conservation in B.C.

Join leaders in the conservation movement as they talk about biodiversity and the importance of connecting wildlife corridors across B.C. Nov 17th at UVIC

Keeping wilderness connected in the Southern Rockies

The work we're doing to designate a portion of the Flathead as a national park is only one component of a much bigger conservation vision for B.C.'s southern Rockies.

Karst: The Winter Chalet for B.C. Bats

As the winter chill sets in, bats all over BC are curling…

Flathead River Valley – Where The Wild Things Are

The stars were so bright they seemed to be intently watching…