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Time to turn the symbolism and rhetoric around Paris into real action

As Canada signs the Paris agreements tomorrow, the federal government must swiftly move beyond symbolic gestures and high-flown rhetoric into urgent climate action. That action simply cannot be undermined by more pipelines.
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Budget 2016 kicks the climate can down the road, yet again

Budget 2016 kicks the climate can down the road yet again, growing emissions, failing to invest in genuinely clean renewable energy, and failing to act in any meaningful way on climate adaptation and food security.
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Tune in, Turn off and Go Outside!

In celebration of Family Day, Sierra Club BC staff have pledged to turn off our devices and spend some time enjoying the nature we work so hard to protect.
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Have your say on B.C.'s climate action plan today!

Over the next 60 days, the B.C. government is seeking public input into a Climate Leadership Plan.
Great Bear Rainforest landscape
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Vision Realized in the Great Bear Rainforest

After years of protest, followed by a decade of negotiations and planning, the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements are finally in place.
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Taking the Bull by the Horns: Food Choices, Farming Practices and Climate Change

There is no doubt that industrial agriculture as practiced in North America, Europe and increasingly around the world is a significant contributor to climate change and loss of biodiversity.
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A Chance for Premier Clark to Say No to Kinder Morgan

On Tuesday Jan. 12, B.C. will be making its submission to the…
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Confessions of a Recovering Car Nut

By Gerry Gaydos  (Originally posted Sep. 2014) Hi. My name…

Speech by Campaigns Director Caitlyn Vernon to Unifor, Sep. 2015

I’d like to first express my deep respect and gratitude to the labour movement, for uplifting us all, through many long years of struggle. Thank you.