Opposition to Enbridge grows since federal approval

Opposition to Enbridge grows since federal approval  FOR…

B.C. forest wake-up call: Heavy carbon losses hit 10 year mark

For a full decade, B.C. forests have been releasing dramatically more carbon into the atmosphere than they have absorbed out of the atmosphere. B.C.’s forests emitted 256 million tonnes of carbon dioxide during the period 2003 - 2012.
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Powell River citizens urge Island Timberland to hold off logging in their community

Company undermines its own environmental policy by ignoring public…

Old-growth logging eliminates B.C.’s progress in reducing carbon emissions

A new report released today by Sierra Club BC - Carbon at Risk: BC’s Unprotected Old-growth Rainforest - shows that one year of logging old-growth rainforest in southwest B.C.is responsible for releasing approximately 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

B.C.’s remaining old-growth forests non-renewable: Sierra Club report

One year of logging old-growth forests in southwestern British Columbia blows away a year of carbon emissions reductions made through climate-change fighting initiatives like the carbon tax, says a Sierra Club report released today.
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A call for climate action

Against the backdrop of record temperatures blistering North America and record ice melt in the Arctic, the B.C. government unflinchingly supports new coal mines, fracking projects and unsustainable logging rates without paying attention to the consequences for the atmosphere.

Province ignoring massive carbon emissions: report

British Columbia is not taking responsibility for vast amounts of its green-house gas emissions, says a paper to be released Thursday by the Sierra Club of B.C.

Poor B.C. logging practices 'add to gas emissions'

Massive emissions of greenhouse gases are coming from B.C.'s coastal forests because of poor logging practices and inadequate management, according to a new report by environmentalists.

BC Coastal Forests a Big Source of Uncounted Carbon Emissions

Logging in B.C.’s coastal rainforests is a significant and hidden source of provincial greenhouse gas emissions and must be included in B.C.’s official carbon emissions inventory, Sierra Club BC said today in a report.

Vancouver Island rainforest species at high risk of extinction

Decades of old growth logging have left an alarming 50 percent of all forest ecosystems on Vancouver Island and the South Coast at a high risk for species extinction and loss of carbon storage, according to a new Sierra Club BC report.