NEB-KM First Nations Oral Hearings Wrap-up on Coast Salish Territory

By Larissa Stendie After 21 days and 39 presentations, crossing…

Flathead River Valley – Where The Wild Things Are

The stars were so bright they seemed to be intently watching…

Supernatural or Supertankers?

This piece by Caitlyn Vernon originally appeared in the Georgia…

Protecting Our Forests

B.C.'s coastal rainforest is the best carbon storehouse of the province. Other forest lands, too, have great potential as allies in the fight against climate change—if we nurture and maintain their carbon-absorbing capacity.
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A call for climate action

Against the backdrop of record temperatures blistering North America and record ice melt in the Arctic, the B.C. government unflinchingly supports new coal mines, fracking projects and unsustainable logging rates without paying attention to the consequences for the atmosphere.