Sockeye Salmon
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Do sockeye salmon take detours?

Did you know that the Fraser River sockeye have two migration routes for their journey 'home' to spawn?
Cycling in the rain
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My winter of rain

Lisa, our Education Program Manager, reflects on the El Niño
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Species Story: Dwarf Mistletoe

Smooch-inducing mistletoe can indeed be a menace . All species of mistletoe are parasitic, extracting water and carbohydrates directly from the host tries they live on.

Ecosystems 101: A nesting trio in the boreal forest

Learn about why the Bufflehead duck prefers balsam poplar for nesting.

Species Story: Bufflehead Ducks

Learn all about the exciting Bufflehead Duck, a species that binds the B.C. interior and the B.C. coast together.

Species Specific: Thayer's Gull

In B.C., there are at least 8 different species of gulls. Thayer's gull is one of them. Learn all about this local bird, how to identify it, and where to find it.

More Muskeg: The Taiga Plains

The Taiga Plains is an ecoprovince that extends into the northeast corner of B.C., forming part of the traditional territories of Dene-thah, Dunne-za, Kaska Dene, and Sekani First Nations. It is a small portion of a larger ecozone of low-lying plains centred on the Mackenzie River.

SLIP AND SLIDE: Blue-grey Taildropper Slug

Slugs are among the most marvelous critters out there. Now, for…

Species Specific: Cloudberry

Across B.C., and much of the temperate world, berries are a surefire…

Species Specific: The Pacific Loon

Learn about the Pacific Loon. As it's name suggests, the Pacific Loon spends most of its year along the Pacific Coast in Canada, Northern US, and Japan.