Respecting aboriginal rights fiscally smart

By signing permits to allow continued Site C dam construction last week, federal fisheries minister Dominic LeBlanc took a step that is seriously at odds with everything the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau government has said and done since October 18.
Peace River Valley photo by Larry Petersen

Field Notes from the Great Site C Road Show

An exhilarating, exhausting and deeply rewarding five days on the road...Ana Simeon reflects on the Site C roadshow.
dairy cow
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Taking the Bull by the Horns: Food Choices, Farming Practices and Climate Change

There is no doubt that industrial agriculture as practiced in North America, Europe and increasingly around the world is a significant contributor to climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Breakfast with Orcas

Ana Simeon on special places, summer fires, vacationing on Malcolm Island, and waking up with orcas.

At Home in the Wild

by Ana Simeon The other day, in breaking ground for new…
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A call for climate action

Against the backdrop of record temperatures blistering North America and record ice melt in the Arctic, the B.C. government unflinchingly supports new coal mines, fracking projects and unsustainable logging rates without paying attention to the consequences for the atmosphere.