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Carbon sinks at risk

One year of logging old-growth rainforest on Vancouver Island and the south coast eliminates B.C.’s progress in reducing annual emissions, a new Sierra Club BC report shows.

A call for climate action

Against the backdrop of record temperatures blistering North America and record ice melt in the Arctic, the B.C. government unflinchingly supports new coal mines, fracking projects and unsustainable logging rates without paying attention to the consequences for the atmosphere.

Emissions Impossible? British Columbia’s Uncounted Greenhouse Gas Emissions Executive Summary

Global warming is here, greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and climate change impacts appear greater than feared. Despite these alarming trends, here in British Columbia climate policy has lost momentum and the provincial government is not building on its initial steps to fight global warming and reduce emissions in a coherent and adequate manner.

Coastal Rainforest at Risk

Decades of old growth logging have left an alarming 50 percent of all forest ecosystems on Vancouver Island and the South Coast at a high risk for species extinction and loss of carbon storage, according to a new Sierra Club BC report.