Volunteer with us

Do you want to get more involved in the movement to save B.C.’s wild places and stop climate polluting fossil fuel projects? Do you share our love of nature? Do you want to have fun and meet like-minded people?

Why not become a Sierra Club BC volunteer?

We have a thriving volunteer team in Victoria, B.C. Our Vancouver volunteer team continues to grow and volunteer-driven local groups around the province focus on issues in their own communities. We can always use your help somewhere!

“Volunteering is not a one way transaction. When you volunteer for an organization you believe in, you receive so much in return. Volunteering with Sierra Club BC has meant a lot to me over the past year and taught me so much.” – Sue Andrews, Sierra Club BC volunteer. Read more about Sue’s experience as a Sierra Club BC volunteer.

What kinds of things can you help us with?

    • Event planning, coordination and promotion
    • Event tabling
    • Distributing posters and publications
    • Designing posters, stickers and brochures
    • Data entry
    • Photography
    • Communicating with our supporters
    • Gathering petition signatures
    • Contact us with your ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch with our volunteer coordinator to find out more.